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Helping someone does not change the whole world but it will change the world of this person.

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Our centre in Lavrio


In our center in Lavrio, 60 km southeast of Athens, children and women meet for various activities. Language lessons, games that promote the social skills of our youngest, but also cooking, handicrafts, painting and macramée are the order of the day. Once a week there is a "Beauty Day" for our women, which has become very popular.
In short, everything that belongs to a lively center is going on here.

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Activities for children
and young adults


Three times a week, our trained sociologist Irini offers our children everything they could want: Socio-educational games, entertainment, arts and crafts activities, and much more. If there is something to celebrate, it is prepared, handicrafts, baking, etc. The children love these carefree hours, in which they can forget a little their often so hard fate.

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Co-operation with 
Be Aware And Share


BAAS runs the Community Center in the center of Ioannina, Greece, from summer 2022. Currently, they are on site with two coordinators who are dedicated to the organization of the center and the development of the offer.
We from networkANTHROPIA support, where we can, with goods as well as with work. A commendable project. 

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Enrolment at school

It is a great concern for us that the children of the Kurdish and Afghan community of Lavrio can attend school. In September 2021, we were able to enroll over 50 children, which has been very good for the whole community.


We work tirelessly to ensure that all children of school age can actually attend school and exercise this right.

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English, German and Greek lessons for adults and teenagers 

We offer a rich program with English, German and Greek lessons. It is very important to us that the refugees can communicate independently in Europe. 


Teenagers and children who attend the school in Lavrio receive support lessons in Greek if they wish.

Countless women and men have already benefited from the foreign language program and have made enormous progress.


Help in northern


We actively support the two refugee camps in Ritsona, 60 km north of Athens, where conditions have now become absolutely untenable. There is a lack of food, hygiene items and medicines. In Myrsini on the Peloponnese, too, we are repeatedly asked for help in emergencies and can take immediate action in an uncomplicated and unbureaucratic manner. 


We help to
reunite families

Again and again, families are torn apart when fleeing their countries. This is of course traumatic for all members. NetworkANTHROPIA is there to help - for example here, where you can see a mother with her three children who thanks to our help was reunited with her husband in Switzerland. 

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craftwork made 
by our women

In the center in Lavrio, many beautiful handicrafts are made. We at networkANTHROPIA support the extraordinary skills that many of the refugee women bring with them and provide them with the necessary materials so that they can crochet, knit, sew or make macramée work to their heart's content. These works are then sold at Christmas and other markets, with the proceeds going to the women and the center.

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Further activities

We often receive phone calls from hospitals or charity organisations who already know us. We are entrusted with people in great need and we take care of them with utmost commitment.

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