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Helping someone does not change the whole world

but it will change the world of this person...

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Our centre in Lavrio

In our centre in Lavrio, 50 km southeast of Athens, our Kurdish women knit, crochet, and sew daily with great diligence. Their work is displayed at the centre and sold if there is demand.

But not only this: we also meet to discuss, to organise events, to have lessons; once a week a "Beauty Day" takes place. In short, we offer all sorts of activities a lively centre needs.


Kindergarten for 

the smallest

Twice a week we offer the smallest amongst the refugees in Lavrio a couple of hours at the kindergarten where we play, sing, dance, laugh, and, last but not least, learn. 

This is also helpful for their parents and gives them a break and some peace and quiet. 


Masks for refugees, 

masks for everybody

In our centre in Lavrio we produce face masks on a daily basis which we either sell or distribute to the refugees.


Enrolment at school

It is very important for us to ensure Kurdish children's education. We have thus organised the enrolment of over 50 children in September 2020 and are very happy that cooperation with local authorities and teachers in this matter has worked out perfectly.


English, German and Greek lessons for adults and teenagers 

We offer a wide range of lessons in English, German and Greek in our centre in Lavrio. We consider it of great importance that refugees can communicate indepently and want to offer them the tools to do so.

Teenagers enrolled in Greek schools are offered supporting lessons in modern Greek.


Help in northern


In the refugee camp in Nea Kavala in northern Greece near Thessaloniki, we actively offer help to Terre de Hommes. Unfortunately, the camp is in an appalling state, with insufficient water supply and squalid sanitary facilities.

We supply food, soap, masks and medicine and are in constant contact with local co-workers. 


We help to

reunite families

Again and again, families are torn apart when fleeing their countries. This is of course traumatic for all members. NetworkANTHROPIA is there to help - for example here, where you can see a mother with her three children who thanks to our help was reunited with her husband in Switzerland. 


We look after

Yezidish refugees

on Lesbos island

The catastrophic fire in Moria/Lesbos has caused massive damage and left thousands of people homeless. We are committed to helping especially the Yezidish community so that the most urgent needs can be covered. 


Further activities

We often receive phone calls from hospitals or charity organisations who already know us. We are entrusted with people in great need and we take care of them with utmost commitment.