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General Meeting on September 24, 2022 in Männedorf

On this rainy Saturday, the board and some members of the association met in the cafeteria Quellengrund in Männedorf for the regular general meeting of our small but fine association. Natalie Chiodi, the newly elected vice-president, led us through the meeting and our president Renata Herger reported on the activities throughout the year and once again drew attention to the numerous problems refugees have to deal with. We were especially pleased that the meeting was accompanied by Kurdish music, we thank you very much for this contribution!

Newly elected to the board were Ute Wolfangel and Gülistan Içer.

We also had the pleasure to welcome members of BAAS Switzerland and EcoSolidar as well as former refugees who have now settled in Switzerland, and all in all it was an enriching meeting which gave us all courage to continue our work. Many thanks to all who helped with the organization!

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