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Wave Thessaloniki - Co-operation with the new team

In Thessaloniki, we started our collaboration with Wave Thessaloniki and a wonderful new team!

Every day people, including homeless Greeks, get a hot meal.

A free store with clothes and shoes is set up, and for the Medical International Volunteers we will install the clinic container on the premises next to the already set up showers, it is urgently needed there for gie medical care!

Many of these people are in very poor health. Some have amputated limbs and life-threatening infections. Fortunately, the situation around Covid has eased somewhat, and the Community Center is open again, providing space for dignified encounters.

Before, the Beneficiaries had to hide and hurry even when eating meals outside in any weather and had no place at all in this world. Also in Thessaloniki many people are picked up on the street by the police and either put into Detention Centers or brutally and with a lot of violence deported to Turkey. Our president Renata Herger has seen the traces of such violence on some people and was shocked.

We are now starting again a collection campaign for shoes for Wave Thessaloniki!

Renata will get those shoes again from Andriana at Admiral Greece at special rates, with free delivery to Thessaloniki. The feet of the homeless and refugees are in a very bad condition, and new shoes are highly appreciated. We thank all donors for their support!

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